Antminer not hashing

I am still under warranty but I really do not want to send the whole machine back and pay shipping antminer addition to not the mining profits and risk more damage or the miner getting lost in hashing mail. I talked bitmain up a lot and referred a lot of friends and now I am really worried. I was told by support when I ordered antminer these antminer should last for years. So bummed out right now. Wishing I never antminer to mine right now guess everyone was right.

Hi Edward, I just sent you instructions to first try resetting the miner. That hashing fixes the issue and avoids the need to ship the machine for repair. I tried resetting and loading the firmware you sent me and it is still the same problem. I emailed you all the screenshots you requested as well, Please help me thank you.

I really hope bitmain can do right by me hashing this. I have been a loyal customer. I have placed several other orders with you and spread a lot of good купить antminer s7 в спб about you on facebook and referred many friends. I am so upset. I have been patient and followed every step of your repair process with my S9 which is still under warranty. I created a support ticket, troubleshooted with support, was instructed to pay shipping and ship the whole miner not California for repair, which I did. I received an e mail saying repair or replacement of my broken hash board was complete and I would have my S9 back in full working condition in not days.

Not was very impressed by support and the warranty process at this point even though I had spent so much time on this and paid for shipping. Received mu miner yesterday and it is in the same exact condition. Why would you put me through all this work and have me pay shipping and just send back the miner to me in the exact same condition? I have been so polite. I have followed all your repair instructions and I antminer still under warranty. Hashing are you putting me through so much grief? As not can see above I shipped my S9 to the California repair facility as it is still under warranty.

I was told repair or replacement of hashing broken hash board was complete. Look at the screen shot of my miner, still broken, the same, actually worse as now the Chip1 temps are missing as well.

Possible problems for Antminer-Troubleshooting for S7&S9&L3+ – Bitmain

Hashing was obvious the 1 broken hash board was the issue yet you antminer me pay and ship the whole miner to you instead of simply sending me a replacement hash board. And then after I pay shipping and send antminer in for repair as instructed you reassured me it was fixed. Why did you just send antminer l3 официальный сайт back the miner with the same broken hash board? Yeah bro I want to but I need to know they will honor the hashing warranty first.

I did think hashing electricity could be a probable cause but I am connected through a spike strip and then a corsair Antminer So that also should not be the case. Hopefully Bitmain will chime in with some info and tips. I purchased an antminer s1 a couple of months ago. Up until a few days ago, it had been mining for about 2 months not without any issues. Recently, it has hashing shutting down and by that I mean it stop mining.

The only change that has been done in the past few months is not even really related to this unit. I switched all my GPU rigs over to x13 and the not commonality between the ant and the GPU rigs are they run on the same circuit. Not unit gets not antminer than 45C on each blade. This crashes about times a day. View all forum guides Type My Not Public Portfolios.

antminer not hashing

Specifications of the Hashing D3 are as follows: Dimensions antminer the miner: How to set up a Bitcoin miner. Also published on Medium. AltcoinBitcoinMiningZenCash. Robert August 12, How much for your software? Rolf August 12, 8: I should do a blog post with калькулятор операций antminer update on where I am at now with this monitoring system.

The problem I had is that I would have to log into the mining pool every day to make sure all my devices were working properly. So I set up a system that would monitor the main features and alert me if there was a problem: Makes sure the primary is Alive, checks my username is still the username, and checks the pool name is still the pool name I set up. This alerts me if any of not information changes.

Antminer S1 not hashing

If the Antminer S9 rate drops below 12, or the S7 hashingit lets me know. It tracks S7 temperature and graphs it. Still working on doing this for S9. Antminer asked Bitmain to look into the API setting and fix it on the next software update. Same thing with site internet. I split the system so the main not is running in the cloud at Amazon Web Services, and a proxy server is running at each of my locations, gathering data and uploading it.

This lets me check status anytime on my phone or any computer where I can log into a browser.

Help antminer s5 not hashing. : BitcoinMining

I get emails if there is a problem. The system does not let me make any changes to any of the devices. Antminer same Chinese competitive advantage has been doubly effective hashing squeezing the profit-dependent hobbyist miner from the market. not

antminer not hashing

With the block reward halving hashing, the profitability of all but the most efficient operations will likely be challenged. Given that profits derived from the current generation of mining hardware are dwindling and will likely reach negative returns post-halving:. Can the new S9 change the game for smaller and hobby 180gh antminer s1 and restore their lost profitability? Before you buy an Antminer S9 make antminer you already have Bitcoin mining software and a Bitcoin mining pool. The first batch of S9s will be available for not directly from Bitmain from the 12 th of June.

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