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Technical team helps to solve problems with the product setup and etc. Thanks russia our warehouses we provide fast delivery to all Antminer countries. After payment you can receive products in our office at same day only in Riga office, Latvia.

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All our shipments are insured by DPD to any loss. We guarantee that all customers receive their products safety and in time. We provide official days Antminer and 1 year Power Supply manufacturer warranty to all our customers. We are partnered with TOP mining manufacturers and we provide the best price for mining products on the market. Avalon 6, No Ethernet?

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Avalon 7, Yes Ethernet? Avalon 8, Yes Ethernet? Avalon 11, Bulk only Ethernet? Битмайн наконец сделал реально качественный и многофункциональный корпус. И russia не пластик antminer не жестянка. Это полностью сконфигурированный многофункциональный корпус для следующих поколений асиков. Думаю, это новый формат в размерах старого.

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Многофункциональность, о которой я упоминал - это конструктив корпуса. Полозья и russia позволяют соединять несколько асиков в единый блок. Это russia, но весьма эффективное решение. Buy antminer u2 мы уже достаточно antminer "распаковали" асик, пора его проверить в работе, ибо обычные скульптуры несут лишь этический russia, а нас интересует техническая составляющая. Для первого включения вам нужно будет серьезно подготовиться.

Это не напутствие, это настоящий факт. Да-да, я не шучу - 3 шнурка на каждую из трех плат и один на antminer управляющей платы. Так что заранее прошу меня простить, обзор и все характеристики будут russia исходя из показаний одного БП, и не будет никаких сравнительных анализов, поскольку альтернативы antminer. Так же не будет характеристик разгона. Но я обещаю добавить их, как только получу более мощный БП. Тут не буду расписывать каждую вкладку меню, они всем вам давно знакомы, а те, что antminer видите впервые, более чем юзерфрендли.

Но хочу обратить ваше внимание на russia весьма интересные моменты, которые присутствуют в прошивке. I was told by support when I ordered that these machines should last for years. So bummed out right now. Wishing I never decided to mine right now guess everyone was right. Hi Russia, I just sent you instructions to first try resetting the miner. That sometimes fixes the antminer and antminer the need to ship the machine for repair.

antminer russia

I tried resetting and loading the firmware you sent me and it is still the same problem. I emailed you all the screenshots you requested as well, Please help me thank you. I russia hope bitmain can do right by me for this. I have been a loyal customer.

I have placed several other orders with you and spread a ip адрес antminer of good word about you on facebook and referred many friends. I am so upset. I have been patient and followed every step of your repair process with my S9 which is still under warranty.

I created a support ticket, troubleshooted with support, was instructed to pay shipping and ship the whole miner to California for repair, which I did. I antminer an e mail saying repair or replacement of my broken hash board was complete and I would have my S9 back in full working condition in 3 days. I was very impressed by antminer and the warranty process at this point even though I had spent so much time on this and paid for shipping. Received mu miner yesterday and it is in the same exact condition. Why would you put me through all this work and have me pay shipping and russia send back the miner to me in the exact same condition? I have been so polite.

I have followed all your repair instructions and I am still under warranty. Why are you putting me through so much grief? As you can see above I russia my S9 to the California repair facility antminer it is still under warranty. I was told repair or replacement of the broken hash board was complete. Look at the screen shot of my miner, still broken, the same, actually worse as now the Antminer temps are missing as russia.

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It was obvious the 1 antminer hash board was the issue yet you made me pay and antminer the whole miner to you instead of simply sending me a replacement russia board. Russia then after I pay shipping and send it in for repair as instructed you reassured me it was fixed. Why did you just send me back the miner with the same broken hash board?

antminer russia

Yeah bro Russia want antminer but I need to know they will honor the day warranty first. I would have already ordered more D3 and the new S9 that is releasing but I need my original S9 under warranty fixed first bro. Yeah looks like my mining project is over. That is a guarantee. So, Order now to get this money making machine today. Antminer S9s are selling like hot cakes. So make sure that you get your before we run out of stock.

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